Scadule Boyfriend




oct. 1(saturday)

-[REC] NHK N-Stadium

Oct. 6 (thusday)

-KBSJoy Super Junior and Sistar Hello Baby season 4 broadcast

-Don’t touch my girl single release

Oct. 7( Friday)

-[perf] KBS MuBank

Oct. 8 (saturday)

-[PERF] MBC Show! Music Core

-[RADIO] SBS FM Boom’s Young Street

Oct. 9 (Sunday)

– [PERF] SBS Inkigayo

-[REC] SBS Inkigayo

-[PERF] Kangdong Cultural Festival

Oct. 11 (tuesday) Mnet Wide

Oct. 12 (Wednesday)

-[REC] KBS 편성 – 녹화

Oct. 13 (Thursday)

-[PERF] Mnet MCountdown

-[RADIO] MBC FM Shim Shim Tapa

Oct. 14 (Friday)

-[PERF] KBS Music Bank

Oct. 15 (saturday)

-[PERF] MBC Show! Music Core


Oct. 16. (Sunday)

-[BROAD] SBS Inkigayo

-[REC] KBS2 Emergency Escape Number One

Oct. 25-27

-Thailand Bangkok



nOV. 7 (mONDAY)

-[BROAD] NHK N-Stadium

nOV. 14 (MONDAY)

-[BROAD] NHK N-Stadium



That is the schedule of boyfriend in the month of november. I will give updates if that Schedule in the month of november may change.


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